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With smartphones cropping up across the whole of the mobile telephone market, the iPhone has emerged as the most popular, best-selling of them all.

The iPhone is made by Apple Inc. and was launched in 2007 as a smartphone that is capable of hosting a wide range of multimedia, including games, videos and music.

The iPhone hosts a range of great features including a camera, a portable media player, an internet client allowing you to access e-mail, web browsing and Wi-Fi connectivity.As well as this you can send sms messages and make phone calls, as you would expect from a mobile telephone.

Rise of the iPhone

The user interface consists of a multi-touch screen with a virtual keyboard. Amongst the many fabulous features of the iPhone is the capability of being able to download a range of applications (or apps) from the Apple iStore, where you will find a range of applications at different costs, from productivity apps to games, reference, GPS navigation and social networking.

At present there have been four generations of iPhone hardware release with its own operating system iOS. The original iPhone established the basic design of the phone that has existed throughout all of the following models. When the 3G iPhone was released it came with 3G cellular network capabilities as well as A-GPS location.

The 3GS was a faster version of the 3G and has bonus features such as a compass, faster processor, video recording capabilities and a higher resolution camera. The newest in the range of iPhones is the iPhone 4, which offers two cameras for FaceTime video calling and a higher resolution display.

It's incredibly simple to use such as sophisticated piece of software. Simply plug your iPhone into your computer via the USB cable provided to sync your entire iTunes library to your phone. You can choose which features you want to sync, including photos, movies/videos, music, games, contacts, calendar, etc.

One of the beautiful things about the iPhone is that your details are backed-up onto iTunes, so if you upgrade your phone to the next model you can retain all of your contacts and other information. The sharp screen and ease of use is what makes the iPhone special. You are never without a computer and with traffic updates, weather updates, maps and GPS on hand whenever you need it, it is the only piece of technology you really need to use.

If you want to show someone an interesting video you've seen lately or just recall some information, you have almost constant internet access wherever you go, with the benefit of having plenty of games to keep you entertained on commuting journey, etc. There are loads of apps on the iPhone for getting news, including direct feeds from some of the most popular and reputable newspapers across the world, so your finger is always on the pulse of the latest breaking news.

In short the iPhone is the revolutionary and most-wanted of all of the smartphones and technology gadgets of the century.